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About Us

About Us

Quality Primary School Wear was established 22 years ago when, as the mother of three primary school children living in Melbourne, I was dissatisfied with the quality and lack of variety of primary school wear available.

As a result I created, designed and made the following products using premium quality, durable, locally made fabrics:

Skorts  –  Skirt and Bike Shorts in one

Bootleg Pants  – Pants which flare out slightly at the bottom

These products became extremely popular and in high demand. Before we knew it we were supplying to local primary schools.

Our product range became more extensive including:

Track Pants  –  with zip in right pocket and cuffs

Bike Shorts


It soon became obvious that there was a need to cater for children who were not standard sizes e.g. size 8 waist with size 10 leg length, therefore we offer specialised custom sizing.

Quality Primary School Wear recently created our exciting new Skeggings  (Skirt and Leggings in one).   These are proving to be a real hit with the school girls.

If you desire guaranteed quality workmanship along with garments made from premium quality fabrics, and are keen to support local business…….then look no further.